Impact Tool

Assembly Tool — Used to replace employee (assembler) using hand or fist to pound.

Parts Diagram
Part Number Part Name
IT8201 Master Force Roofing Nailer (208-4011)
IT8202 Impact Food - with (2) 6-32" x 1/8" Socket Set Screws
IT8203 Main Body - Impact Food Guide
IT8204 Assembly Screws (4 required) 5mm x 0.8 x 25mm Socket Flat Head
IT8205 Alignment Guide Pin 1/4" x 3/4" Pull Dowel with 8-32 threads
IT8206 Slide Body
IT8207 Trigger Safety Bracket
IT8208 Brack Mounting Screws (2 required) 10-32 x 1/2" Socket Button Head
IT8209 Rubber Pad / Bumper
IT8210 Bumper Holder Lock Nut
IT8211 Rubber Dampening Washers (2 required)
IT8212 Steel Striking Plate
IT8213 Trigger Safety Adjusting Screw