About Us

You may find evidence of our work everywhere from Fortune 500 companies to the NASA space program, but at our core we’re just honest, hard-working people who enjoy making things.  Combine that with our passion for quality and our commitment to serving our customers well, and you’ll have an understanding of what you can expect when working with us: Friendly, helpful people who take pride in making quality products. 

Based in rural south-central Wisconsin, we’re an easy drive to Madison, Milwaukee, Minneapolis, Rockford and Chicago.

One of the things we enjoy the most is meeting new people, so give us a call to discuss your manufacturing and tool needs. And if we don’t have answers to your questions, we very well might know someone else that does.

Precision Tool & Service is dedicated to treating people right. That means we work hard to bring you extremely high quality products, solutions that exceed expectations, and we stand behind these products and services. We’re not happy until you’re happy. At the same time, we understand that it isn’t just what we build for you that is important—how we work with you is just as important. Our goal is to create an experience where you actually enjoy the process. We feel it’s a privilege to be working for you as a partner in your success.

As we come up on our 44th anniversary, our reputation is our biggest asset. We work hard to have completely satisfied customers. Give us a call, we’d be happy to give you a list of names of some of our clients, so you can check us out personally.

Founded in 1973, the family-owned company started out making parts for MTX speakers. As its reputation grew, the company increased capabilities and grew its clientele. In addition to producing parts for specific clients, it started developing its own product designs and specialized tools.

Quality Assurance
As far as quality is concerned, all the staff at Precision Tool & Service, Inc., know, understand, and implement the best quality assurance procedures possible.