In the world of industry, design is needed at multiple levels. At Precision, our in-house capabilities include product design and production design.

Product design—when you end up with a finished piece, that product originally had to be designed. Our most well-known products are our own hand tools, including our pneumatically powered tools for cutting and buffing. Additionally, we’re also involved in design of home products, games, other tools, and other items for shop and home.

Production design—different than product design, production design includes the processes for making products. We’ve been involved in designing production line components to assemble, lift, remove, and change components while making the worker’s job easier, safer and more efficient.

In essence, we’re problem solvers who make things work better. At the end of the day, the solution might be a simple one, but it often takes an experienced problem-solver with diverse areas of expertise to find that simple, perfect solution.